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How You Can Keep Your Furniture Safe When Using Moving Companies

If you are palnning to using one of the many moving companies for your next move there are some steps you can take to to get the very best moving results possible, and preparing your furniture for a move is one of those steps. There are a lot of people who do not take the proper precautions when they move their furniture. This is something that you should not neglect because your furniture needs to be handled differently and requires special protection. If you are moving, you should learn about the ways that you can protect your furniture.

Get Furniture Protection Materials

The first step in protecting your furniture while moving is to get the right furniture protection materials. The best materials to get will be moving blankets. These blankets will be soft and thick which provides your furniture with the protection that it needs. If you want to get moving blankets, you can purchase them from most packing stores and there are some that allow you to rent these blankets.

If you do not want to get moving blankets, you could use bubble wrap instead. This is ideal for those furniture items that are fragile or have pieces that could break off. You should also look at using bubble wrap if you have any glass areas on the furniture.

Clean Your Furniture

The second step in protecting your furniture is to clean them. This might not seem like something that will help keep them safe, but accumulated debris can cause problems during a move and you will want to avoid this. To clean most furniture, you will just need to run a soft damp cloth over the furniture. You should not waste too much time on cleaning your furniture as you will generally have to clean it after the move anyway.

Disassemble Your Furniture

When possible, you need to look at disassembling the larger, bulkier pieces of furniture that you have. This will ensure that it is protected as it will be easier to move and handle. Disassembling your furniture will also make it easier to move into your new home as you do not have to worry about whether or not it will fit through the door.

When you are disassembling your furniture, you need to place all small parts such as the bolts, screws and dowels into a clearly marked plastic bag and tape it to the furniture. This ensures that none of the small parts go missing and that you have them on hand when you have to assemble the furniture again.

Packing The Furniture

A lot of people leave their furniture as is when they are going to move. If you want to protect it, you do have to pack it. When you pack your furniture, you should clear out a designated area in your home to do this. Furniture packing is much easier when you do not have to work around all the other boxes and items in a room.

Your first line of defense when packing will be bubble wrap. You should cover all fragile items with bubble wrap and use tape to secure it. Of course, you should never tape directly onto a polished or painted surface so be careful.

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